#ellipticallife Pt. 2 (Audioplay) 
(Soundfile, Postcard, 16 min, 2015) 

Elliptical Life is an audioplay, based loosely on the writings of Kathleen Stewart on the every day life. The narrator glides through "social worldings of all kinds  (1)", deconstructing diary entries describing every day movements.
 #ellipticallife (Audioplay/Hoerspiel) comes with a postcard, available on request. 

The audioplay premiered at Erholungsgebiet Industriegebiet at Fluc, Vienna Feb 26, 2015 bit.ly/1ExXvJK , in a show curated by Anna Barfuss.

(1) Kathleen Stewart, Ordinary Affects, 2007 
Thanks to Anna Barfuss, Tara Khan & Mathis Anders Pedersen.